Gauthier re-signs

  • So many of you guys liked Vatrano who I think is a 3rd liner

    I value guys like Vatrano more than most. Vatrano, Blais, Goodrow, Motte, maybe even Hunt. They sacrifice body every shift and play an aggressive gritty style game. Vatrano, for being a small-ish guy, has that determination factor. I saw it all playoffs long. He stood at the front of the opposing net and took the abuse, without giving an inch. These are the types of guys I want on my team. Hopefully they will all be back.

    Not for nothing, but Miller and Schneider grew immensely this post season. Miller showed he is going to be a force when he puts it all together. Schneider banged with the best of them and kept going. Very happy with these kids.

    And lastly, Laffy stepped it up a notch in the big lights and showed grit as well as talent. IMO Kakko showed promise as well. I thought he was improving game to game and shouldn't have been sat the last game or two. But I also think Reaves shouldn't have been sat either. Took away our edge.