Gauthier re-signs

  • Easier to trade him with a cheap contract than as unsigned RFA?

    Easier to get something back if he is under contract versus walking away if they don't qualify him?

    Hell, I don't know what they are doing. Why would Gauthier even bother signing? Did the splinters in his butt get to his brain?

  • I'll file this under "whatever". I'd be fine if he's still on the team when camp starts. No risk and I'm still intrigued with his physical profile, skill and's just so odd it hasn't clicked together yet.

  • Maybe Gauthier's 'go to the net' ability has impressed Drury so much that he is hoping he becomes the next Kreider Jr. I don't see it. But whatever. 800k is not the end of the world. Or it's a ploy to get other GMs to bite on his contract.

  • Some still hold out faith, so maybe they seem some untapped potential and will end up being right about him? Worst case, if he's going to be a filler, I am OK with taking a swing (and miss) on unknowns in that capacity. He might also have good chemistry (off the ice) with the team, not terrible to have a cheerleader who cares in the pressbox or as the 12th.

    But looking at everything I just typed, it all just screams 'meh.'

  • Right now he is a borderline guy with NHL skills. 800k for 1 year is a good insurance policy for the Rangers.

    And who knows, maybe this is the year he pulls it together and turns the skill into production. There were flashes of that at times last season.

  • Well if nothing else I am consistent in my beliefs. So let me get this straight, the Rangers are a cash strapped team at around 10 M for the coming year. Their number one need is a legit number 2 center that will cost somewhere between 5-6 million if they don't consider Chytil a number 2.

    So they give a one way 800 thousand dollar contract to a guy who has only shown that he can't be productive at any faze at the NHL level year after year.

    I think it's wishful thinking that some other GM will get suckered into dealing for him the way that Gordan did and I hope I'm wrong about that.

    So many of you guys liked Vatrano who I think is a 3rd liner , don't you think that 800 could have been added to an offer to him? Or anybody that has shown some kind of production at the NHL level?

    I just don't get it. 800 thousand on our cap for somebody that has shown year after year that he can't play and be productive in the NHL. Maybe my senile brain has been clouded by what my eyes have seen from him . I don't think thats the case but most of you don't believe that I can think anyway so maybe I'm just proving that all over again. :)

  • So many of you guys liked Vatrano who I think is a 3rd liner , don't you think that 800 could have been added to an offer to him?

    Gauthier's contract, or any player making under the AHL bury limit (1.125M), has any effect on Vatrano's, any another other higher paid players', potential contract.

  • It's still 800 grand that could be used someplace else, no?

    C, all he has shown is that he can't be productive at the NHL level . Whether it's expections or performance, he's done neither.

  • Disagree, 94… if anything, it enables signing other players. As you need to dress 12 F, 6 D, 2 G, no one’s gonna make less than that among those. Every dressed player as close as possible to the minimum helps add better players.

  • That money would have gone to another borderline player, probably with even less skill and potential. Gauthier has the size and skating ability to be a short-term injury fill in on a top line.