General NHL Playoffs Discussion

  • I kinda wanna see Edmonton flame-out? The chaos of losing in round one, especially to LA…. would love that.

    Me too. In general, I tend to root for the rebuilding team against the underperforming team. Kings are a hard-working bunch of players.

    What a weird 4th line of Lemieux-Byfield-Kaliyev

    And check out their defense without Doughty:




    That Jake Muzzin trade looks good for the Kings: Durzi is their solid all-around 2nd pair D, Grundstrom is their hard-working bottom six grinder and with the '19 pick they drafted Bjornfot, who played 70 games this year (most amongst Kings defensemen) but is currently injured.

  • Also torn on the TB-TO series... obviously assuming we don't win it all, I'd love to see TB get a 3-peat but also into TO making a deep run without winning it all, you know, extend that longest drought streak as long as possible. However, TO is in the same boat for 'chaotic offseason' potential if they lose, despite TB being a completely reasonable loss.

    So, if voting for 'Offseason Chaos' results:

    - Edmonton out!

    - TO out!

    - Boston loses and Bergeron considers leaving (unlikely)

    - Nashville upset unlikely to cause Sakic to panic but would open up to at least one more potential move

    No other series seems destined to rattle/take franchises off course more than these... maybe Dallas going on another run convinces them their runs were legit v the flame outs recently and they double-down on 'win-now' moves.

    Throw in Montreal's myriad of issues, Isles and Flyers disappointments, the Vegas kerfuffle, and inevitable SJ, Win, and Chi self-analyses... could be a fun off-season.

  • Mr. Schadenfreude

  • One of my students from Bridgeport went to the Charlotte v Bridgeport playoff game last night. Charlotte won 7-6 in double OT:

    • Charlotte scored the first four goals, all within the first 13 minutes
    • Bridgeport followed up with three straight goals within 53 seconds, still in the first, the start of a streak of scoring five of the next six goals scored in the game.
    • Starting with 1:40 remaining in the 3rd, Bridgeport and Charlotte traded off goals until Charlotte scored the GW in double OT.