NHL Transactions & Rumors

  • Here's my opinion on the "old boys club" Kill. When sports players had a respect for the game they played and respect for the players on the other team. It use to be call class, nowadays there doesn't seem to be to much of that around, JMO, of course.

  • I think Aman meant that the old boys club didn't welcome "antics", cellies, etc. like the other sports but he can speak for himself. I actually think the NHL has been pretty ok with that stuff. As long as a guy is entertaining and giving effort, like I said, he can go Ned Braden and I am fine with it. I think the NFL has been stupid to penalize TD celebrations at times, I don't get offended by people having fun after the whistle, it's entertainment after all.

    I was taking old boys club in a bit of a different direction but more to do with the fanbase but I'm not going any further with that.

  • I think I should clarify the most salient points on my rants, haha...

    • old boys club = the Wirtz and Jacobs types, who would prefer to pay their players pennies and turn back the clock to 1922 in terms of rights... but also the mentality that the game should never try anything new ever if it doesn't fit their very narrow box
    • side note: I appreciate being more cautious to experimentation and like that the NHL is slow to adopt rule and marketing changes, but I do find they can be too slow at times
    • OK, the big one: superiority... that's more of a psychological profiling thing, but generally what we like most we feel we are 'right' about and, when less popular, it's a rallying cause of us v. them stuff but I'm not going venture further down that road, I questioned typing it in the first place. It doesn't apply to everyone but is a known element of rationalization in psych.
  • Completely understand now. Thank you everyone for that.

    One thing about “innovation” and hockey. When Fox Sports had hockey and had the puck tracer and such, people HATED it. But new fans liked being able to follow the puck. It’s funny that people WANT different things but only if they like them. Gotta love human nature.

  • Eddie, to me, I’m glad that the NHL doesn’t do all the social justice stuff. I watch sports to escape all that stuff and I believe a vast majority of sports fans do as well.

    We get bombarded enough every day with that stuff, no matter what side of the aisle you’re on. People need an escape and sports used to be it where you put things aside and you ALL joined together and rooted for your team.

  • He was set to be a star not long ago... but grading out as a 25 year old, 30-goal guy who could still put up stronger numbers on a bridge deal like that is a fair signing. Plus 3 years is not a disaster if he doesn't pan out, or exceptionally tradeable should he price himself out as it nears completion.