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  Tuesday, April 24th, 2018  
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New York Rangers Game Photo Markus Naslund, Wade Redden, Nikolai Zherdev: these are their names, those are their faces.
As most visitors over the years are aware, the New York Rangers Café has not been regularly updated since 2008. Upon opening in 1999, a close-knit and vibrant community formed on our message boards. It is through this group's repeated generosity that we have been able to continue hosting our forums which remain active to this day.

It is highly unlikely that either of us, Rob or Alexander, will be making a return to updating 'the Café.' We do, however, plan to continue hosting the forums for as long as possible.

We wanted to use this space to thank everyone for their support over the years; there are too many to name to do so individually, but rest assured everyone's contributions helped make this site what it was. The Café's success was always a reflection of our members; it is not surprising that so many on and offline friendships (and one marriage!) were borne out here, through many ups and downs, great debates, and memories.

Again, a huge thank you for your support over the years and, just as importantly, let's go Rangers!

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